Your quick guide to how your event is protected

One of the worst things that can happen when you are planning an event is for circumstances to force you to cancel. As well as the frustration of not being able to go ahead, there could be severe financial implications if you have already spent a lot of money on the preparations.

If the event organiser has paid non-refundable deposits to the venue, caterers and other suppliers there is the risk that this money is irretrievable. Thankfully with an Event Insurance policy in place you can have some protection if you do have to cancel, abandon or rearrange.

Regardless of how well you plan your event, there is always the chance that unavoidable occurrences mean you are unable to deliver the day you had planned. There are a number of things that you can be protected for under a suitable insurance policy, including:

 – If your venue were to be damaged to an extent that made it unusable for your event, meaning cancellation was unavoidable

 – The failure of key utilities such as electricity or other power could mean you could claim under this benefit

 – If the emergency services denied access to the proposed venue

 – The non-appearance of a vital stakeholder, whether that is a musical act or a keynote speaker

 – Adverse weather conditions which deem it impossible to deliver the event as planned (some insurance policies will charge and extra premium for this benefit)

Event Cancellation

What's not covered?

There are a number of things that an insurance policy will not offer protection for in terms of cancelling or rearranging your event.

Firstly, if you have made changes to the specifics of your event after buying your insurance policy and failed to notify your insurer, there could be times when your claim is rejected.

You’ll also need to take all possible measures to ensure your event can run as planned. Claims for cancellation arising out of your lack of care, or lack of ticket sales will not be accepted. The same result is likely if your event is cancelled after the insolvency of the organiser’s company or bankruptcy of a third-party.

To fully understand what cancellation cover you have in place, it’s always best to fully read your policy documents when you purchase your insurance.

Event Cancellation Insurance

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