Your guide to Public Liability

When taking out insurance for an event there’s a good chance that Public Liability form a major part of your cover. But what does it actually cover you for?

In short, Public Liability is necessary to cover the costs associated with defending the event and the organiser if they were to be sued for injury to a third party or for damage of loss to their property.

No matter how well you plan your event, whether it’s a food festival, a craft fair or a conference, accidents can happen. This could be an attendee falling over lose cables, being taken ill after eaten the food you provide or a window could be smashed whilst setting up your event.

If any of these things occurred and were blamed on the negligence of the event, legal action could be brought against you.

With Public Liability cover in place, your insurance policy will handle the legal costs associated with defending you and any subsequent payment that is deemed necessary.

To get your quote for Public Liability insurance to cover your event, just click the button below where you’ll be given the option to add on Equipment Cover, Employers’ Liability and Cancellation protection on your policy.

Why do events need Public Liability insurance?

How much Public Liability cover do you need?

Once you have decided that you are going to seek out Public Liability protection it’s up to you to decide just how much cover you need.

Every event is different, and the level that you choose, whether it is £1 million or £10 million will depend on your circumstances. One thing that you do need to consider though is the venue that you hire may have their own rules as to the minimum level of cover they require you to have. Speak with your venue to see if there are any rules you need to follow.

If your event is set to have a large number of attendees or is particularly high risk it may be worth considering a higher level of Public Liability. Ultimately, it is down to the event organiser to decide on the level of cover taken out, but going without any protection at all is very risky business.


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